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  • new page Cherrykit
    created by Amberwing
    New page: Add a photo In the Fourth Apprentice, Cherrykit and Molekit are born to Poppyfrost and Berrynose. They are consistantly seen playing out of the...
  • edit Mistystar
    edited by Amberwing diff
  • new page Mistystar
    created by Amberwing
    New page: Add a photo Mistystar was born into ThunderClan. Her littermates are Mosskit and Stonefur. She was quickly given to RiverClan by Bluestar, her...
  • new page Lizardfang
    created by Amberwing
    New page: Add a photo Lizardfang s a ShadowClan elder in Bluestars Prophecy. She never appears.

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  • edit Warriorscatsbooks Wiki
    edited by Amberwing diff
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  • new page Graystripe
    created by Amberwing
    New page: Graystripe is Firestar's best friend, all the way back to apprenticeship. His mate is Silverstream of RiverClan. He had kits named Feathertail and...
  • edit Firestar
    edited by Amberwing diff
  • new page Firestar
    created by Amberwing
    New page: Add a photo Firestar is the main character of the warriors original series. He is mentioned in every book published. His Clan is ThunderClan, but he...
  • page moved Main Page
    moved by CreateWiki script
    Renamed: Warriorscatsbooks Wiki
    Summary: SEO

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